PALESTRA: Interpretability of phi-features Ivona Kučerová (McMaster University) 28 de Agosto, às 13h

Resumo: I provide novel empirical evidence that the distinction between grammatical and semantic agreement can be derived from the theoretically postulated distinction between Spell-Out and Transfer (Chomsky 2008, 2013). I use the term grammatical agreement as a shortcut for morphological realization that is faithful to φ-feature valuation within narrow syntax, including failed agree (Preminger 2009), and semantic agreement for morphological realization that is faithful to the intended semantic denotation but does not necessarily isomorphically realize φ-feature bundles present in narrow syntax (e.g., feminine gender on anaphors referring to grammatically neuter nouns, as in German). I argue that a phase can be sent to morphology either (i) immediately after Spell-out, or (ii) after Transfer. In (i) morphological realization reflects only φ-features present in narrow syntax; in (ii) morphology reflects the CI-labeled structure which may be semantically enriched. Empirical support for the proposal comes from nominal agreement in Standard Italian, and conjunct agreement in Italian and Czech.



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